November 17, 2016 e5k31ghley

e5 launches women and girl’s empowerment project in Keighley

Last Thursday, at Central Hall, Keighley, e5 a cross-partnership initiative, held an event to celebrate the official opening of a unique Women and Girl’s Empowerment Project in Keighley.

E5 will provide a gateway for women and girls to access services, who may not necessarily be engaged in mainstream services, lacking in self-esteem, vulnerable or those who may be at risk of sexual exploitation, grooming, forced marriage or domestic abuse.

The project is about prevention and addressing the likelihood of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and grooming through awareness raising and giving women and girls the tools to develop confidence, self esteem and life skills which are necessary for empowerment and making good life choices.

The aim of the 5e Project is to : enable, empower, encourage, engage and educate women and girls through the activities and support that will be provided.

When asked about the significance of the project here in Keighley, Selina Ullah, Chair of KAWACC, one of the e5 partners, said, “Given the intense media profile of CSE cases in and around Keighley, it is the right time to engage the whole community of Keighley on how to keep our children, girls and women safe and create the safe spaces to have some difficult conversations that lead to action.

“We know this will not be easy to do but we feel it is time that the process of challenging negative stereotypes and assumptions about women and girls begins.”

The partners involved include: The Keighley Association for Women and Children’s Centre (KAWACC), Joint Activities & Motor Education Service (JAMES),Intercultural Communication & Leadership School (ICLS) and Community Action Bradford & District (CABAD).

E5 believes that everyone has a part to play in addressing and preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), so this project intends to embrace multi-agency collaboration by working with schools, community organisations, faith networks, strategic planners and youth groups.