Naz Kazmi has lived in Keighley for most of her life and has over 25 years of experience working with BME women and children, particularly those from a South Asian background.

Naz has worked closely with communities and organisations designing, developing and delivering innovative programmes and research projects. These projects have focused on addressing social inequalities, which overlap with health, environmental behaviours and education/employment issues.

Mandy, JAMES

Mandy is a mum of two, born and raised in Bradford.

She has a BA in Interdisciplinary Human Studies, where she discovered a passion to support the complex needs of at-risk and disengaged children and young people.

Starting as a volunteer 19 years ago for JAMES, she is now Operations Manager and Principal of JAMES’ independent school.


Jo has worked in Community Development for over 10 years, supporting and empowering individuals to make a difference in their lives.

She is a feminist and believes that women are central to development and is passionate about women being able to reach their full potential, both for themselves and also for their families.

In her spare time, Jo plays guitar and sings and plays in two bands. She is also a keen gardener and loves being outdoors.


Sophie ICLS

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