e5 is designed to give women and girls the opportunities and tools to be able to improve their lives and the quality of support available to them.

e5 will be holding CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) & Women’s Forums, including community Conversation Cafes, to create safe spaces for women to explore and take ownership of their issues. Most of these workshops will be focused on increasing the women’s sense of agency and confidence to discuss and solve their own problems.

To facilitate this, e5 will be focusing on the development of social, leadership & life skills so women have the capacity to follow through with their decisions, have the tools to express their rights and to ensure that their immediate needs are met. Due to our longstanding relationship with the local Black and Minority Ethnic and Asian community, part of our work will focus on challenging the community and cultural acceptance of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and gender stereotypes.

Women will have the option of attending both sets of workshops to ensure that not only do they have the basic skills to recognise gender inequalities and different forms of abuse, but they also have the capacity to make themselves heard. The workshops are intended to compliment one another to ensure continuity and consistency.

A strand of the project is also to open up access to the successful Enough is Enough program that tackles child-to-parent violence in the home.

e5 will also be delivering workshops to young people aged 13-19 years within and outside school settings, as we believe empowering girls from a young age is the best way to affect long term change.

Each activity will provide a gateway to access marginalised women and girls, who may not necessarily be engaged in mainstream services but are lacking in self-esteem, to prevent them from further abuse or exploitation. As well as delivering workshops, we are opening up recreational opportunities for girls throughout the school holidays, to raise their aspirations and confidence with skilled and experienced staff that can act as positive role models.

The workshops and sessions intend to equip women and girls with the knowledge, tools and support needed to achieve our 5 Es